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Customer onboarding is a mess. Onboard.io enables companies to manage, analyze, and optimize the perfect onboarding process, for every customer.
We created an award-winning culture of OUTCARE;
AND now we're running ONBOARD by the following principles:

O wnership mindset (we're accountable, don't take shortcuts & think long-term)
N ever stop learning (we don't have all the answers, we continuously seek personal growth)
B alance (we provide the trust and infrastructure to integrate our best self @ home & work)
O ne team (we live for shared successes and rise to challenges together, in life & business)
A wareness (we're self-aware, act intentionally & empathetic to customers & teammates)
R eal talk (we're open, honest & transparent communicators -- no politics)
D o the right thing (we're responsible, reliable & act with integrity)
Onboard Map Example
Combined, we've been a part of several acquisitions. We know how to build and scale B2B software companies.

We are looking for folks who are energized by this mission to join our founding team. We plan on being a fully-distributed organization. We are specifically looking for experienced software developers & customer success professionals.

Contact us at life@onboard.io or message us directly on LinkedIn.

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